These are a Few of My Favorites Things

You might have noticed the appearance of a new “links” section on this website. I’ve finally collected in one place a list of the various things I wind up recommending to people from time-to-time.

I’ve included some of my preferred accordion music books, a short list of good accordion retailers and repair shops, CDs that are worth a listen, etc. There’s even the make and model of my favorite instrument of student torture (my metronome) for anyone who is curious. Check it out!

Bright Copper Kettle

With apologies to Julie Andrews, my list does not include any bright copper kettles. (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Gift Certificates for Accordion Lessons are Now Available!

What do you get the person who has everything? Well, if that “everything” includes an accordion, then why not get them the gift of accordion lessons?

Just drop me a line at , and we’ll get the whole thing set up.

No Ties Allowed!

Say “no” to giving them another necktie!


The new year brings a complete redesign of my website — the biggest overhaul since I launched way back in 1996.

And while I still play plenty of piano, the focus of the site now is on accordion, an instrument I’ve found myself drawn to playing more and more over the years. (But more on that later!)