Wedding Gig!

I always enjoy playing weddings. There’s just something about being a part of such a significant moment in people’s lives that makes it more than just a “typical gig” This past weekend I was hired to play piano (sadly, not accordion) for a post-ceremony reception, and it was extra-special for two reasons:

Hermitage Lobby

First, it was at the marvelous Hermitage Hotel here in Nashville.

Over a century old, the Hermitage ranks among the great “grand” hotels of the South and is a perfect spot for a wedding. Getting to play a grand piano with a view of that historic, beaux-arts lobby was a real treat.


Jet Set QuartetSecond, my wife’s string quartet was providing the ceremony music!

Anne Landis stays booked with weddings pretty solidly these days, whether it’s as part of a quartet, trio, or as a solo wedding violinist. But I don’t get too many chances to see her on the job.


It was sort of like a “take your husband to work” day…

Jettons at the Piano