Free Accordion Sheet Music: Bella Ciao

Full disclosure:¬† If you were one of my students and wanted to learn to play Bella Ciao, I’d tell you to try to figure it out as much as you can without relying on sheet music first. It’s a simple, three-chord folk tune that’s really not too tricky to pick out with a bit of trial-and-error.¬†Perfect for giving the ol’ ear-bones some much-needed exercise!

But if you really must have the dots, try this arrangement on for size:


The first page is fairly basic and beginner-friendly. You can just learn that part and be done with it if you want.

I made the second page more challenging, with extra harmonies in the right hand and some slight chord differences. This is just one example of dressing up the basic tune, of course. Feel free to experiment.

(Just be careful playing it in Italy…)