Accordion Lesson Announcements

I’m pleased to announce two exciting developments for 2015…

First, I am now accepting credit and debit cards as payment for accordion lessons! I’m using the Square reader and smartphone software that many of you may already be familiar with. One swipe, a quick signature with your finger on the screen, and you’re all set. It can even immediately email you a receipt if you choose. So no more worrying about bringing your checkbook or hitting the ATM on the way to your lesson!

Second, for new, beginning students in 2015, I am now including a free copy of Book One of the Palmer-Hughes Accordion Course with your first lesson!

Palmer-Hughes Book 1

This book is the best in the business and the one I always start students with. But it’s impossible to find it for sale anywhere here in Nashville. In the past, that meant that you had to order it online and wait for delivery while we muddled through the first few lessons without a proper method book.

But I’ve decided to keep a stack of these books on hand so that I can just give one to you the moment you sit down for your first lesson, as my way of saying “thank you” for choosing me as your new accordion teacher.

I’m hoping that these two changes will make things a little bit easier for both my existing students and for those out there who have (wisely) made a resolution to learn to play accordion in 2015!