Free Accordion Sheet Music: Auld Lang Syne

Let’s face it, if you’re an accordion player, this is that time of year when you might be called upon to play “Auld Lang Syne”.

Maybe you’ll be at a New Year’s party. Or perhaps at a Burns Night supper. Or maybe you live Bedford Falls where, inexplicably, they sing the song on Christmas Eve…

(Seriously… what is up with that?)

In any case, I’m here with three free arrangements of Auld Lang Syne for accordion to help you out. There should be something here for every playing level:

  • Beginner Version — If you’ve made it through most of Palmer-Hughes Book One, this shouldn’t be too much trouble for you.
  • Basic Version — A gussied-up version of the above, adding in some 7th chords and minor chords. Suitable for those who are at least toward the end of Palmer-Hughes Book Two.
  • Advanced Version — I’ve thrown in some jazzier left-hand chords, some of which use chord combining. You’ll need to be well-aquainted with the counter-bass row. The right hand gets a bit fancy during the chorus, but nothing too bad.

Best wishes for a happy and music-filled holiday season!